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Need some direction: New Goat on farm (butt pic)

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Can’t get vet to me today, anyone have any ideas?
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Any chance the goat is pregnant? It looks like she has an udder and sometimes doe’s “girl parts” (don’t know if we’re allowed to use anatomical terms on this forum) look like that before kidding... If she is not pregnant then I would think maybe an injury? or prolapse? I (fortunately) don’t have experience with either of those so hopefully someone with more experience will chime in, sorry I don’t have more to offer.
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Do you have horned goats? Could one of them have bashed her? Is she pregnant or has she recently kidded?
Can she pee ok? Is she acting ok?
Yes, you can use anatomically correct terminology. (street slang might get censured- nasty words, etc.)
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She is acting fine, Peeing and Pooping fine. She was just separated from her baby (horns!!) her baby is bigger than her (about 9 weeks old). She was getting too rough trying to nurse this mama! I’m hoping that is it🤞🏼but I wanted more experienced eyes than mine on it! Thank you!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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