Need some herbal dewormer ideas

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    Hi, sorry for late reply, thanks for info.
    I've just had my 6month old kids 2nd vaccination today, my vet thought the doe is fat 3.5 out of 5 ideally should be 2.5 out of 5, so she not having any pgymy goat mix now, although she only had very small amount, now my wether is only 2 out of 5, so he is thin apparently, told to increase his grain. He is eating hay well, and poop normal, and seems ok. Vet said he bit concerned, this has upset me now, I have to monitor him for one month, if no change, blood test will have to be done.
    Going to have fecal test done to rule out worms. I thought goats would be easy, but does not seem so. Hope you keep safe ❤️From UK
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