Need to gain weight! suggestions...

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    Jun 10, 2010
    Hey guys.
    So my two rescued alpine (maybe) boys got surgically castrated yesterday. They stayed at the Humane League for a few days since the vet there is the one who did the procedure for us. They come home looking as skinny as they did when we got then. So that means they didnt reeeally gain weight in the month that we've had them. they just gained tummys. I'm assuming they didnt feel well enough to eat while away from home. we sent their feed and hay along. They get fed Purina Noble goat chow (16% protein 2% Fat) , hay, and browse. Why arent they gaining real weight on their bones? Do they need different feed? maybe sweeet feed? or do i just need to give them more time to gain weight since they are getting taller everyday and they were underweight when they were littlier?

    They were wormed almost 2 months ago and have regular stool (except for now due to the stress of leaving home.. i assume)

    This is just an idea.. i dont know what you all think, but we give one of our horses a fat supplement called Cool Cals. Its just fat in powder form. Would this be a solution?

    Thanks for the help
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    Can you get a fecal done?....I know you mentioned you wormed them....but did you treat for tapes as well? Also... from the stress of being away from home and having that procedure done....has stressed them... in which can trigger worms or even cocci to explode....having the poo analyzed... you will know... if it is something to treat....sounds like you are feeding them right....

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    Agree with Pam. Stress often creates a cocci overload which will slow them down even more. I would give them high quality hay and pasture if you can and keep it available almost free choice. Have good minerals and fresh water available. Make sure they have shade and a warm house to sleep in at night. The less the are stressed the better. I think you are doing everything right, but definately a fecal would be a good idea. I have no clue on the horse supplement. You could ask the vet what he/she thinks about it if you go into do a fecal. :thumb: