Need to rant about a lot of things........

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  1. goathappy

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    Oct 5, 2007
    First off, very sorry but I need to get some stuff off my chest.

    Okay, so appraisal was the day before our county's 4-H fair. We have a lady that bought goats from us, she is sort of our apprentice, and her daughter was going to show in the fair. I told her that I would help her prep her goats for fair, and in amongst preparing my goats for appraisal, I sort of forgot about her. She called me the day before the fair to tell me that her daughter wasn't going to be able to show because they couldn't get health certificates. Her daughter was heartbroken. She went on to tell me that the vet she deals with(its not the same vet I deal with) wouldn't give her health certificates even though her goats were healthy just because she wasn't signed up for NAIS and did not have a premise ID. According to her vet, he said that her goats had to have ear tags and she had to have a premise ID. I've talked to several breeders and they said you had to have a scrapie ID and you can just have tattoos for ID. The vet said she had to have the scrapie TEST and eartags and premise ID before she could show her goats. The vet even read the state rules to her and it said in the rules that you can have tattoos instead of eartags. Finally he wanted to know the origin of the goats she was showing, and she said my name, and he said he would talk to me and get back to her. He called her back the next day and said he talked to me extensively, and he absolutely did not call me or talk to me or my mom at all. :veryangry: Then he said she needed to chemically worm her goats because herbal wormer doesn't work. So she had him run a fecal on her goats and it all came back clean but he still said that she needed to worm chemically because the herbal still might not be working. Anyway, final conclusion, the vet is an idiot, and she got a new vet. I'm just so mad because he deliberately lied to her and tried to get her to sign up for NAIS when she didn't need to, and then her daughter didn't get to show. :angry:

    So anyway, 4-H in our county they aren't huge into dairy goats, so they had a girl judging who owned pygmy goats. She basically said the same thing about all the goats for reasons for placing them, and chose goats with horrible udders and hunched backs over goats that had nice udders and better bodies.

    And now to the thing I'm really mad about. At the fair we were in a small, open barn with about 20 pens in it. To make sure my two kids I took didn't get sick, I gave them Fastrack twice a day, as well as a remedy Aconitum for stress, and B shots every other day. I also made sure they had lots of hay and clean water. The goat in the pen behind me had a snotty nose :doh: and the goat two pens down from me had diarreha the whole fair and they didn't even clean its butt off!! You could tell the kid was obviously sick, but they never even took him home. So the last day of the fair, Maddie gets a snotty nose even though I've been doing all this stuff plus putting a coat on her at night. We get Maddie home and treat her and now its a week later. A few days ago one of my best kids started acting off, so I started worming her with the herbal wormer. That usually takes care of them but she wasn't getting better. Then I thought, "oh! pneumonia!" I started treating her to late and I lost her this morning. Now nearly all my kids and a few of my adults have the same snotty nose that that goat in the pen behind at the fair had. We are treating all these kids and the few adults now for pneumonia, I think we caught them early enough so hopefully they'll be okay. Its just not fair that one $50 goat has now compromised the health of $4000 worth of kids and adults. This is my first and last year for 4-H :veryangry:

    Sorry, just had to vent, thanks for listening :hug:
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    I am so sorry Sarah, how awful.....not only to had to deal with the dishonesty of a vet, but to deal with a loss as well as illness, horrible. :hug:

  3. KW Farms

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    Jun 21, 2008
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    Oh frustrating and upsetting. :hug: That vet sounds like an idiot for sure. I am sending good thoughts and prayers that your other goats heal up quickly and start feeling better....and so sorry for the loss of your kid, that can be so tough. :hug:
  4. AlaskaBoers

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    May 6, 2008
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    oh, thats terrible, sorry your having bad experiences with 4-H, and vets. :hug: sorry for the loss of your goat even though you tried so hard. hopefully all of your others will be fine. :hug: :sigh:
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    Jan 15, 2009
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    First off I am so sorry about your loss.. That sucks :hug: !! Second... Ughhh that vet and NAIS (where is the gag smiley) That just infuriates me!! I hope all your goaties get back on track for you soon.. I am sending them all Get Well wishes!!

  6. RunAround

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    Feb 17, 2008
    That is really terrible and annoying!!!

    This just makes me hate vets even more. I only have one vet that I trust right now and she lives too far away to really help care for my goats in an emergency.
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    Oh my gosh! What a *censored*! I can't believe people would do that! Makes you wonder if they get a kickback.
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    :hug: to you and your family Sarah....its never easy to lose one when you know it could of been prevented had another goat gone home. Shame on the vet for letting that goat continue to stay at the fair. Our fair doesnt hesitate to send animals home if they arnt well.
    I hope the rest of your herd gets better!
  9. fritzie

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    Oct 6, 2007
    i do alot of showing & if there is a animal there that does not look good i have no problum going & telling the show cair so they can have the vet check it out. i am sorry that you lost sone & the others are sick. prayers that they all get better fast. :hug:
  10. goathappy

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Thanks everybody, you guys are great :hug: Hopefully I can repeat the breeding and get another doe kid, but Caramel is pretty stingy about doe kids so we'll see.

    At the fair, the main vet is the vet the we use, but she was extremely busy the whole fair so I never got a chance to talk to her. Mom called her yesterday and let her know about the sick goats though, she didn't seem to happy about that.

    We are giving them some really strong Chinese herbal tea for respiratory problems and the goats are doing better this morning. This cold weather really isn't helping.

    With the vet though, I was just so mad because the lady I know actually called me to apologize for the vet calling me, and the guy never even talked to me! ugh. I guess he's a real piece of work anyway, she said she had a mutt dog that needed neutered, and the vet kept telling her he needed neutered because he's a mutt and not pedigreed or whatever. Then he turns around and tells her its going to cost $280 to neuter the dog, which she couldnt' afford. Idk, some vets are just stupid. I'm glad I have a good vet :)