Needing info to educate others about goats milk

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    Aug 29, 2009
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    Ok I really need help.I need some articles talking about the benefits of goat milk and anything pertaining to raising your own livestock versus commertial farms. I have ALOT of nonbelievers on my husbands side and to the point they blammed me for miscarrying last year on me drinking goats milk :( :roll: :sigh: :hair: Talk about an emotional slap in the face.It was VERY upsetting.Well now I'm pregnant again and the old talk is coming up and makes me sooo mad :veryangry: They don't believe me when I tell them anything so I figured if I can show them the facts on paper it will shut them up! It's mainly my mother in law and how hurtful is it to be told I'm poisoning my family and brain washing her son cus he is soooo supportive and loves what we do. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Here is a few things I found.
    As far as miscarrying because of goat milk....that is bunk! More people drink goat milk than cow's milk in the rest of the world.... Miscarrying is devistating enough without your inlaws trying to blame it on something. Unless you have been there, and can related to what someone is going through...keep your mouth shut. It doesn't help hearing that 'it was meant to be' or 'there was probably something wrong'...I've been there. Just tell them you don't want to hear it, and have your hubby back you up. Positive thoughts is what you need right now...if there is going to be negativity or people saying things that upset you...then you need to distance yourself from it for a while. Sometimes family can be more cruel than strangers. Hang in there. ... _goat.html ... goats-milk

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    Aug 29, 2009
    NW Ohio
    Thank you so much.Yea I did distance myself from them alot.I didn't even show up for their thanksgiving or anything cus I thought why should I when they treat me like that.Anyhow thanks so much for the info and the kind words :)
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    I know words from relative strangers on the internet doesn't help much, but *hugs* to you anyhow. Don't let your family get you down. Your instincts are better than anything else, and now you have some stuff to back you up statistic wise!!