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This sweet little girl has stolen my heart and has earned a spot in the already full keeper kid pen :rolleyes: But this year I've been struggling with coming up with good names for everyone so here i am!
Her dam's name is Pineapple. So i'd like something starting with a P, I just can't think of anything that suits her :unsure: Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
(photo bomb to show off her spunky personality馃挄)

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I love all the name suggestions!
Still haven't decided on a name for her but i'e sorta narrowed it down to

Oh my goodness! She is a cutie!

Penelope (Penny), Pansy, Poppie, Pepper/Peppy, Portia?

If you want a P fruit theme all I can think of are Peaches, Papaya, Persimmons??
This is making me realize how many P names i already have in my herd. I love the name Peaches but her dam's sister has already been named that :/ 馃槄 I love the sound of Papaya!

Before I saw you wanted a P, I thought "Clementine" how about Pomello instead?! (Also a citrus fruit)
I also thought of Clementine, If i wasn't sticking to the same first letter theme i think I would've named her that 馃挍
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