Nervous about first kidding!

Discussion in 'Kidding Koral' started by YouGoatMe, Oct 25, 2020.

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    May 31, 2020
    Thank you so much! I have been saving feed sacks so I will have those nearby to help clean up. I'm going to take some deep breaths and try to chill lol!!
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  2. MadHouse

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    I got my notes out.
    This was my first doe’s timeline.
    5 pm clear string of mucus.
    8 pm she chose a spot to kid
    8 pm - 2 am trying to lie down and getting up, peeing lots of times small amounts, teeth grinding, cud chewing, sleeping standing up.
    2:15 am starting small pushes
    (I couldn’t see her hind end, so I don’t know when the amber goo started)
    3:00 am pushing with contractions
    3:24 am amniotic sac breaks
    3:30 am baby born
    3:45 am another baby born
    4:53 am baby #2 had first drink
    6:25 am baby #1 got her colostrum from feeding tube
    6:25 am doe passed placenta
    6:50 am baby #1 drinking from teat
    This doe did all of that standing up.

    For my second kidding (different doe) this was the timeline:
    Morning and afternoon nesting observed.
    7:00 pm small bit of yellow goo
    8:00 pm lay on her side
    8:00 to 10:00 pm Up and down with more yellow goo
    10:00 pm small push, water breaks
    10:15 baby born
    12:00 am first drink
    Forgot to note what time placenta was passed, but it was within a few hours

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    Apr 22, 2018
    (rofl)(rofl) love the subtle differences in note taking! (shy) I did the same thing...(rofl):squish:(rofl)
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  4. MadHouse

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    I noticed with my first one everything is recorded exactly by the minute. Second one, I had my iPad to text my friend. Wrote the notes down later.
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  5. MadHouse

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    Assisting with finding that teat:
  6. MadHouse

    MadHouse Well-Known Member

    It probably wasn’t necessary, but that’s something I tend to be nervous or impatient about... when they take hours to get their first drink. So, I help.
  7. YouGoatMe

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    May 31, 2020
    Thank you so much for sharing your notes!! I really appreciate it! It helps to see the hours in between "events" so I can remind myself not to think it all needs to happen so fast.

    With my luck, I'll do all this preparation and she'll kid when I'm asleep or not home
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