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    Feb 28, 2018
    I have 3 does, Fauna lost her 1 baby on Valentine's Day, but she is doing much better. Merryweather had her 2 babies on Feb 19. They are adorable cute imps! Flora...we are still waiting! My issue is I live in central texas and our tempartures have been up and down, yesterday 70's, today 40s, tomorrow 60s, and then by monday dropping to 30s....should I be concerned about those babies? Should I put doggie sweaters on them at night? They are nigerian dwarfs!

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    Jan 16, 2018
    When I had Bonnie and Clyde they went through winter as babies, we did have a light not far from them in a building. I have put a coat on bonnie before. I dont think itll hurt for them to wear one except on days in where it gets warm. What sort of housing do they have now?

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    When my girls kidded it was cold and rainy. Both kidded at night. We brought everyone in until the next day so they got really good and dry and then put them all back out. Our night weather was like yours and they all did fine. Both of my mamas were excellent mamas though. All babies were healthy and nursed not long after birth. They have those fur coat for a reason. And unless your barn is just very very drafty and they can get wet they should be fine out and no coats. If it makes YOU feel better to cover the kids you can. But the kids also need learn to keep warm... unless one is havin a temp control issue. Just watch the mama to make sure she doesnt reject a kid because they dont smell right coated. Two of mine are nigis. They even had a heating barrell with straw no lamp and didnt go in it. Gracie and Dora both just laid close to them and they her. You can also go check every hour or so after they kid on a cold night to make sure everyone is happy and warm.
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  4. owlbaby

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    Feb 28, 2018
    They are in a closed barn, no drafts, pine shavings on the is a heavy duty plastic shed. They were hopping around this morning, no babies yet from my other soon to be mama. Thanks!
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    Feb 28, 2018
    I meant to attach pics....My students named them! Bell is the tan one, she was moving her head when I took the pic this morning and Tinker is the black one, both does! Tinker has a heart shaped spot on her side!

    Thanks for all replys!

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    How cute.
    Use your best judgement, if they are shivering and hunched it is too cold. Then you can try a sweater, if they are still displaying being inactive, keep them inside.
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