New Addition...Another Doe!!

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    Oct 3, 2008
    Momma is KayKee. I saved her from a salebarn, she was purchased by the meat guy and I begged him to let me save her life. She's not very friendly though.
    She lost her ligs on Sunday. Paced and Paced the kidding pen. I sat with her Sunday night and Monday night till I just couldn't keep my eyes open. She was dragging goo around all last night but didn't show sign of really getting down to business so I finally gave up and went to bed. She must of been waiting for me to leave her, I get up early this am and go out and there stood a little doe with a couple of moonspots to boot. :)

    This makes:
    Daisy: 2 Does
    Windy: 1 Buck
    Waddles: 1 Stillborn Buck
    KayKee: 1 Doe
    Not bad.....
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    Awww...she is cute....congrats...... :thumb:
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    So cute! Definitely worth the rescue and looks like she got those moon spots from her mama. :wink: