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  1. fryzoo

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    Jul 8, 2010
    My husband and I recently added three baby goats to our herd. One came solo and the other two are brother and sister.

    The one is supposedly 12 weeks old and a Neubian mix. Poops looked great day we brought him home and the next day. We were told he had been weaned for some time and was on alfalfa and open grazing so we have fed him alfalfa and kept him out in the yard during the day. That night he started with diarreah and has not stopped since. It has now been four days and I'm starting to worry. Fairly confident due to stress and feed change. We've now been keeping confined to minimize exposure to any other feeding. I do not think he was weaned, is probably closer to 10 weeks as he does nothing but try to suckle on everything and screamed bloody murder whenever left alone. I tried a dose of Pepto and saw no result. Attitude, appetite and hydration appear good but I am afraid to ignore for too much longer. Any words of advise or peace of mind would be helpful.

    Due to extreme stress of the first being alone my husband and I picked up two additional youngsters a few days later (approximate 14 weeks old). These two have dry crust around their eyes and seem to have stuffy noses. Attitudes are great and no cough or visual drainage but I don't want to ignore a problem that could escalate. The conditions these two lived in were not pleasant so I'm confident they were not kidded in a healthy environment.

    I have horses, am pretty medically savvy but goats are all new to me and I don't want to jeopardize my babies by making assumptions. I'd appreciate some insight. Thanks.
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    Oct 29, 2009
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    First baby sounds like worms/coccidia treatmets are in order.... I always worm new kids when they come on to my property as the stress of a new home brings on the worms big time. WORM ASAP I'd use an Ivermectin or Equimax horse paste @ 1cc per 25 lbs of body weight. repeat again in 10 days. For Coccidia you can use Albon, Sulmet or Baycox. :)

    As for the other 2.... if they are in a windy area... crusty eyes and noses are common and would not need treatment beyond some Benadryl and/or VetRX (an herbal remedy that you squirt in the nose) Check their temps though to be sure they aren't getting pneumonia.... worm them also as they will need it.

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    Jul 8, 2010
    Thanks Jess,
    Two with eyes and noses were in an open confined pen with more goats than there was room. I'll check their temps and monitor. Just worried about the pnemonia thing. Seems everything you read online and I believe is that goats get sick and go downhill fast. I know with my horses food, poop, water consumption and activity are tell signs of health so I'm assuming to some degree same applies with goats and at this point all of the above are outstanding.

    As far as diarreah boy goes I'll try the worming. Any suggestions for in the meantime so he doesn't digress while working through the worms or whatever has aggrevated his tummy.
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    Apr 18, 2010
    I'd limit or eliminate the alfalfa hay until he's better. Grass hay only. Get several days worth of probiotics into him. Available at your feed store. No grain, no concentrates of any kind. He's not gotten into the horse or chicken feed has he? Also watch his water consumption. They can dehydrate pretty fast. Pinch his eyelids to check for dehydration. If they tent and don't bounce back he's drying out. A big bowl of tepid/warmish water mixed with 2-3 tbs. of molasses will entice him to drink more. You can do that several times a day if you feel you need to.
  5. fryzoo

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    Jul 8, 2010
    Thanks so much. No he has not gotten into horse feed and my horses only get grass and alfalfa so no answers there. I'll shift to grass (I feed bermuda) and see how that goes. What dose of probiotics for a goat? A horse gets a full tube of probios paste up to 2x day but obviously not same for goat. Thanks.
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    WIth the pepto - you have to give it 2-3 times a day for a couple days to see the results on that... But I agree with what everyone else is saying :)
  7. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    I to agree with the others....... :hi5:

    the probiotic dosage is...newborns 1-2 cc, adults 5 cc.