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    Jan 26, 2021
    Please move to the appropriate forum if needed. My Boer mix kidded premature twins last night around 6pm. They were hypothermic, and one passed after warming up, and seeming to come around, but he just went downhill and started to have labored breathing in the middle of the night. He passed in my arms at 02:30am.
    The doeling is still hanging on. Her teeth have not erupted, I do not know how early she was. I was able to get her eyes to open with lots of moisture and gently working them but it took quite some time. Her hooves have hardened except the very tips. She is lethargic. These are the things I have done.

    *Warmed her in the sink in a plastic zip lock baggie (head out) to keep her dry.
    *Have kept her on the heating pad and under a heat light since coming up to temperature.
    *Milked colustrum from mom, but she only got about 10ml 10:00pm.
    *She took a bottle last night, but wont suck now, she just has no interest.
    *I tube fed her 1 ounce every 3 hours (colustrum replacer) all through the night.
    *Too lethargic this morning so I mixed up a batch of electrolyte replacer and used that instead of milk 0900.
    *Gave 1mL of Selenium and Vitamin E Gel oral paste. 1030
    *Gave 0.5mL of B complex SubQ (around midnight)
    * Gave 50mL of subQ electrolyte IV solution I had from my vet for a pup that was sick (equivalent to lactated Ringers I believe) 1100
    * Milked mom some more and gave her 10mL of moms milk after she woke up a little.

    I am trying everything, but I don't want to leave anything out. Any ideas on what else I can do.
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    I read rubbing honey with a pinch of cayenne peppermon her gums to perk her up.
    Good luck!

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    Feb 17, 2018
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    Some dex will help those lungs. She is a preemie so yes she will sleep a lot. The sub q fluids are probably not necessary since you are tubing her. How much does she weigh? An ounce at a time may be too much for her weight right now. Tinny feeds every hour or so will be easier on her tum. How does her belly feel after a feed soft hard any newborn poop and pee yet? Keep milking mom and feeding her that. Mom’s milk is so much better for her than replacer. I would not be doing the electrolytes now either since you are tubing moms milk. Her tum is not set up for all the different things in this short amount of time esp since she is a preemie. Leave her eyes alone.... they will open when they are ready to. It is hurting nothing for them to be closed right now.
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    Cayenne pepper, sorry.
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