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Last weekend I got a call from a man who had a nine year old Alpine doe that just kidded and wasn't doing very well. The kids(doeling and buckling) weren't eating and looked like they could die any second. The guy said he didn't have time to deal with them (or milking for that matter) and I could do what I wanted with them. He was just gonna let them die! At least he called me. Anyways, he came pretty soon after I talked with him, but sadly the little doe was dead when he went back to the barn to load them. :( Her udder was so full I was shocked, it was no wonder they weren't nursing, it was impossible for such tiny little kids. They were just starving. I got out my bottle, milked her down, stuck it in the kids mouth once and he drained the bottle in a matter of seconds. He was so weak the poor little guy but after a few bottles he started trying to nurse from I mom, Nanny (so unorigional, I didn't name her though). I've had to help him all week until today and I've quit all the bottle feedign now. He's doing so great! You woudl never know that a week ago he was on the verge of death. He is the sweetest little guy. Turns out his daddy is my old nubian buck who I sold to my neighor last year! He is so bouncy and silly! LOL. He is my baby fix till my nubies start kidding here in a couple of weeks. He is two toned! I think we may keep him a buck and sell him. Nanny is a great milker, and John of course has great genetics. Anyone intrested?Meet Nanny and Baby Romeo! :)

This was the day after I got him, you can tell he still he isn't feeling well here.

This was a couple of days later.

And this was this afternoon! Isn't the difference amazing in just a week?

I'm just in love with his markings. Nupines are just adorable! I'm tempted to cross a few myself now. LOL

And here is Nanny ready to be milked this morning.

Just had to share. :) I just started saving her milk as well. I can't wait to start making my butter again! :yum:
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