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Hey guys, my kids got a new buck today, he is a real sweetie, a little over a year old. He hasn't been registered yet, but is registerable so we're going to send in his application on Monday, the breeder is letting the kids name him.

But my son is stumped on a name. He's got a really nice pedigree. His dam is by a RRD Gauge son, so she's got Gauge, Remington, Gunsmoke as a few.
His sire is ennobled his name is Fully Loaded. Really nice looking buck.

I'll try to get some good pictures later, I just took some with an old camera I have while I was out trying to get him settled in.

The does don't know how to act around him, so they are just staying away for now lol They did mingle when he first got here.
Right now he's resting over by the young does fenceline.
He's so cute, has a 'teenager' face, haha, but he's got the buck stink going on that's for sure lol

We are slowly starting him on grain and gave him some hay, he really enjoyed the hay :)

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How about sticking to the weapon/ ammo theme? Endless possibilities.
We had Auto Repeater son of BBO Classic Repeater.
It was fun coming up with names like Concealed Weapon, Sidearm, Newly. Always wanted to name one Paladin but now we have a different buck.

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He is so stinking cute! Stinky... and cute... See what I did there? ;)

Son of a Gun
Guns Blazing
He's a Pistol
Armed and Dangerous
Last Shot
Open Fire
Golden Desert Eagle? (He's cute and golden)
A Shot in the Dark
Fast Draw
Take Your Best Shot
Riding Shotgun
Pull the Trigger

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how about just shotgun.
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