New Children's Book with Nigerian Dwarf Herd Characters

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    Nov 24, 2007

    Well, it took a long time it seems for AMAZING GRACI; GUARDIAN OF THE
    RIVER BOTTOM GOATS to be published, but we trust God's timing is
    always perfect! It is an illustrated chapter book told from the point
    of view from Graci, our Great Pyrenees from the time she came to the
    ranch as a puppy.

    This is our third title in our River Bottom Ranch series for children
    ages 7-12, and our ninth to be published overall (other 6 are for
    grown-ups). The first two are THE ADVENTURES OF SERGEANT SOCKS, an
    orphan colt at the ranch. Book one THE JOURNEY HOME and book two THE
    BRAVEST HEART (also illustrated chapter books).

    We'd be thrilled to personalize an autograph to the youngsters on your
    gift list - just email their names and your mailing address. Books are
    $9.95 each plus $3 shipping. (It's like $2change, but don't know exact
    as Graci's book is a wee bit thicker, but Sarge's 2 same to send 2 as
    1. If you want all three and it's more than $3 shipping, we'll cover
    it : ) You can pay with PayPal at or mail a
    check. I think it's set up to add tax and shipping both, so might be
    less to order direct.

    Graci doesn't have her own website yet, but sneak in her name beside
    address and we'll know to send Graci's new book : )

    They will be available in most major bookstores but not until March
    when the "official" release is scheduled : )

    For those members having shows this year and would like to have us
    donate books as prizes or raffle items, please let me know and we'll
    get them to you.

    Thanks and blessings
    Caryl McAdoo aka Grami (children's books' pseudonym)
    Irving Texas :D