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Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by Pygmys4me, Sep 26, 2009.

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    Sep 21, 2009
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    I have a "bred" pygmy doe I bought at the beginning of the month. She isnt friendly, nervous and when I attempt to check her mouth, eyes or heck just try to get her to stand she starts rearing up and striking me with her front feet. When I bought her, she was almost impossible to catch, told she doesnt do well with strangers. She was REALLY pretty and being SUPER new to goats I bought her thinking that she would come around. Well I think she is coming into heat :sigh: she seems to hate me and the ONLY time I can get her to come to me is when I have feed. I really like her and WANT SOOOO BAD for her to work out, but its just seeming the more I try the less she likes me.. :scratch: What can I do to get around to her? Im SO use to my horses *usually get ones that havent been messed with and get them to where they are a well trained horse* I never knew goats were SO different.. :help: :help:

    Here she is...
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    Oct 4, 2007
    how long have you had her? it takes goats time to settle in plus time to trust people. From there is patience and workign with them daily but slowly and not trying to make giant leaps in the progress. If they sense you are frustrated -- well dont even attempt to work with her.

    Get her in a small pen so that catching her is easier.

    only feed her grain if she eats it out of your hand. Then slowly with your other hand get closer and closer to her till one day youc an get your hand on her jaw and then the next time you can rub it and soon she wont mind you touching her back -- but always as soon as she jumps from your touch remove the grain from her and dont let her eat it. Only reward good behavior and let her have a little extra if she is being good.

    Once you want to work with her more - get some horse treats and work with her that way.

    Some goats never fully get friendly, but having her so that she comes and you can handle her without her getting herself or you hurt is important.

    lots of patience LOTS of patience is involved.

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Exactly what Stacey said.
    Her coming at you is a sign that she fears you and she likely had to fight off an abuser. If she knows that you are scared then she'll want to bully you.
    Is she the only goat? If so, getting a similar sized doe or wether may help...with horns because she has them. But make sure the goat you get is people friendly, if she see's the new goat getting attention, she'll likely come around faster wanting some for herself.

    Very pretty markings, her height and build suggest some nigerian dwarf in her as well.
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    Ditto what Liz and Stacey said. I have bought a few wilder type goats and what I have found is that by keeping them a pen, talking to them, and going into the pen with them and just talk to them. I also will catch the goat and just pet them and talk softly to them, or if they are babies, hold them. I used my method on a 4 year old doe, and she is the biggest pet now. ;)

    Good luck! :greengrin:
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    Getting another goat would probably help her a lot. Goats are herd animals. But if you get another make sure it is friendsly with people. Seeing another goat go up to you and take trewated and patting will get the other one wondering. Goats are very curious animals.
    You can also try putting a bowl of treats out in the pasture. Put something really yummy in the bowl animal crackers are a big hit here. Make sure she sees you put something in the bowl. Turn your back and walk away from the bowl but Dont leave the area. Maybe bring a good book. Sit near the bowl and just watch and wait. Curiosity will get the better of her She will come over and see what you put in that bowl. Figuring out that you bring yummy snacks she will get friendlier. goats are very food orientated.
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    I totally agree with everyone....they all have great advice..... :wink: :greengrin:

    She is a pretty doe... by the way........ :wink: :greengrin: :love:
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    agree! all good ideas

    I've had to deal with lots of wild goats, and it takes awhile. once it took 2 months to tame a full-grown buck that'd never been handled, nobody wanted to buy a scary 286lb goat with horns that'd kill but when he left he led on the leash, let the new owner pick up his feet...etc. it just takes patience
    by the way...shes really pretty! :greengrin:
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    Jul 3, 2009
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    What everyone else said, but...

    when she will come to you and eat from your hand or a bowl held by you, try slowly to scratch her back up around the withers. Don't reach for her head or neck and don't try to catch her. She'll panic if she feels trapped. Even the ones I've gotten that have been "unfriendly" will allow me to scratch them and just freeze b/c they enjoy it so much! Then half the battle is won! SHe just needs to learn that being with a human is a good thing.

    The fact that she is aggressive towards you means she is truly terrified of you. Goats are very smart -- lots of patience! SHe's a lovely little doe, great length of body. Is she registered?