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Hello, I purchased a registerable mini nubian doe from a reputable local breeder.

Other than trying to get along with my *ancient* nubian doe she seems perfectly healthy and gets along with everybody else fine. She is a little thin in the back but I guess that's normal?

I have them one Molly's Herbals but I wasn't sure if I should hit her with some Ivermectin and Sulmet just in case? She was wormed/checked once a month at her last place and her lids look fine but the breeders kids were having a fight with cocci and they refused to sell any. I looked at the kids and they were super rough.

I'm concerned about Cocci because my *ancient* nubian just got off a bad fight with it. Should I hit the mini nubian just in case or leave her be? Will she "infect" anybody else?

Thanks for the input.
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