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Well back when I was building my Nigerian herd I wanted this Stoney Lonesome doe and her twin doelings but the dam was already sale pending so I just took the twins. I found out that the sale fell through so I went and got her. She is so beautiful and friendly. She is a 5 yo blue eyed doe. Funny thing when I got her home her twins started hollering at her thru the fence the moment they saw her. They have been apart for 2 months and are 10 months old.

Stoney Lonesome Angel Eyes

When I got there she also had her buck left and being she was getting out of goats she threw him in with the doe. He is alittle short for my liking but hey being I didnt have a buck old enough to do the job so I could have spring kids I was excited and who could argue with the price. He has a very level topline, tracks straight and overall looks great. Now he is in full nasty rut so he is grossly wet and yellow with urine and you can smell him a mile away but the girls do not seem to mind and he has already bred one doe today that just wouldnt leave the fence line so I let him have at her. Here is a picture of him before rut and I will post a nasty one later.

Summer Wind Hyde-N-Seek

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