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new doeling

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heres my new doeling. :greengrin:

ok I fixed it. :wink:
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under the thumb nail of the picture choose the IMG option or the "direct URL" then paste that in your message field (area you type in)
she is adorable!!!! :love:
She's cute! :greengrin:

She looks like an Alpine/Nubian cross. Is that what she is?
Thanks! :)

Dad is a Nubian and mom is a Togg/ I think Alpine cross. I hope her ears end up being floppy so I can get her registered as NOA though,not sure if her nose qualifies either. :?
If her ears aren't floppy now...they probably won't ever be. And to be registered NOA Nubian...the ears have to come down past the nose by an inch or two.

From reading my ADGA Guidebook(such a confusing thing sometimes!) it doesn't sound like she will be able to be recorded as NOA. It says:
A doe of unknown pedigree may be recorded as a Native on Appearance (NOA) if the application is accompanied by a statement signed by an ADGA member, not a member of the applicant's family, that the doe being recorded conforms to a specific breed type.

You'll have to call ADGA to be sure.

There is this also:
A doe of unknown pedigree may be recorded as a Native on Performance (NOP) Grade Experimental if the doe earns the equivalent of her *M rating on DHIA test. The individual doe lactation record page showing the total milk, butterfat, and production must accompany the application. The doe can be recorded as a NOP and simultaneously be awarded her *M status after the proper forms are filed and fees are paid.
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When I saw her,she was 4 days old, and her ears where in between, not floppy or standup,so by then should they have been how they will be as an adult? If so, she probably couldnt be registered at all right?
Most likely she'll have Airplane ears, which most Nubian/Swiss crosses have. And if her ears do end up being Erect...they are still rounded like a Nubian. See..when we did NOA, both parents looked like a Nubian and so did the doe kid. You'll have to call ADGA to find out for sure. :)
Ok,I'll have to check into it, kinda disappointing if I cant show her,but at least I can take her to the fair for 4-H.
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