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    Hi here from Springbrook, Ontario, Canada (north of Belleville). We own 8 acres in the countryside with a 150 year old victorian farmhouse we are renovating, A QH pony mare named Luna, 20 chickens, 5 dogs (Nacho, Quesa, Kitty, Peaches, and Ginny), 1 housecat (Accio), 4 feral barn/mouser cats (Spots, Smokey, Minerva, and Molly), 2 goats (Cissy and Hermione), and 3 ducks (Buff Orpington Ducks, still looking for names!)

    Our two girls are Pygmy or Pygmy X's (a lot of people have suggested they are Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy Crosses because they're white, apparently Pygmies don't come in white white and their body type is more along the lines of a Nigerian Dwarf). We have never had goats before, so these two are our first! They are both fairly friendly, Hermione is a bit reserved and won't come readily up to us but has started to come around since coming home. Right now they live in a 12x12 chainlink dog run because I haven't had the time to start their goat house and fencing hasn't been started for them. I think this is an asset to me at least because I'm able to bond with them and get them into a reliable scheduale for feeding, and one on one time!

    We only moved into our house last year, and have been fencing in land and building like crazy ever since. Tomorrow I will be starting the blocks for their goat house which will be 6x6, insulated, and will be comfortable for those cold winter nights. They will also have a double fence line, 6 lines of electric with eventually a line of wood buck fencing to ensure they don't get into naughty business!! :) Those little monkey's already escape once since they came home.

    Hermione is about 6 months old, born in January 2009, and Cissy is coming up for 2 years in December.
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    Hello and welcome from North Idaho (close to the Idaho / Canadian Border) :wave:

    I raise mainly registered Nigerians, with a few registered Nubians also! We love to have new members and would love to see pics!!!

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    Welcome from a Boer breeder in Texas! :wave:
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    Here are our girls, Cissy (on the left) might be pregnant, she has quite large udders (I should really get a photo) but did have a kid sometime last year I came to understand (I've emailed the original owner to find out when exactly she had the babe).

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    Oct 4, 2007
    oh wow beautiful girls :)

    how long have you had the girls for? Because if she still had kids on her then Cissy might still be producing milk and then you will want to milk her so that she doesnt get mastitis. But if you have had her for a while then she might be pregnant if she was exposed to a buck before coming toyour place
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    Welcome to the site! I am new as well. I am from North Carolina and raise Pygmy's. Your two girls are adorable!
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    Oh they are so cute! Welcome from West Virginia! :sun:
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    Welcome....welcome.. :wave: ..what beautiful goaties....So glad joined us.....I raise show quality FB boers...or at least... I try anyway....LOL :wink: :greengrin:
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    I spoke to the old owners, Cissy had a kid over the winter that was weaned in April. This could mean she still has milk correct? Her udders are sizeable, not huge, but they do have some size to them. I'll try to get a photo of them later on tonight. I would think that a goat that has not been milked in a while would be in pain or very uncomfortable, I know my dogs sure are when they have some milk left after the babes have been weaned. They even drip! So we relieve them if necessary.

    I don't think Cissy has ever been milked by hand before, only by her kid.
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    Welcome!! :wave: I'm glad you joined and hope you enjoy it here... :) Gorgeous goats... :greengrin:

    Btw, I'm in Illinois... :greengrin:
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    Very nice girls! I raise pygmies!

    Welcome to TGS!! :wave: :leap:
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    Welcome from AL :wave: Very pretty goats!!!! :thumbup:
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    Welcome to the goat spot, glad you joined us. :wave:
    Those are very pretty girls. Just be careful they will sunburn easy. I have a few solid white Cashmere and they burn a little easier then the others.

    If you can get utter picture that will help. Also is the utter getting bigger?