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New from West Virginia (Yeah, the State, LOL)

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Just a basic introduction, my name is Melissa, most people end up calling me "Mel." I own Indigo Acres Farm in Mason Co. WV. I raise, breed, milk, and will be showing ADGA/AGS Nigerian Dwarf Goats ~ Which by the way I'm accepting reservations for my 2013 kids at this time (shameless plug). You can find out a bit more about me by visiting my website and liking us on facebook

I am really wanting to find a couple of registered purebred Lamancha does that are bred to have 2013 kids. I love my Nigis, but I want a couple of larger does for more milking, and I LOVE the Lamanchas!!! I cannot find one anywhere, and when I do find one, the owners don't contact me back, very frustrating! If anyone can help that would be great!

I look forward to networking with everyone! God bless you all!

Mel... Indigo Acres Farm
:devilish::sleeping::whatgoat::book::lovey: Bwaaah!
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welcome from SC
Welcome! You will love this place~~~ No manchas breeders in the state huh? have you checked the Lamancha for sale page in facebook? lOts of drool worthy animals on there last night but I cannot recall where they were-too far for me!
Welcome! :) We would love to see pics of your goats. I will have LM kids born next month but no bred does for sale.
Welcome from TN!
Hi Melissa! We share common goat ancestry...Twiggity Farm
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