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    Our buck Texas TanMan has preformed great and he has produced some good kids. We have kept some doelings from him and needed to obtain another buck to use on them but we wanted a big bone heavy body bloodline buck. We were fortunate to locate a really great bloodline doe and was able to get her bred to another top bloodline buck. So we are hoping and praying that our doe Lani will provide us with a buckling and possible another top bred doeling to add to our herd. 9B56BAFD-EF22-437B-9BFB-586A72598E10.jpeg
    Lani is a heavy bone doe with lots of meat on her. Extremely easy to handle and very gentle. Our other does are big easygoing gentle animals and good milker but not quite as heavy boned are as thick muscles as Lani. Our does wt is approximately 175-185 lbs. Lani is around 200 lbs. We are trying to breed big stout Nubians that are great milker and still have lots of meat on their bones. Thanks for reading.
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    Pretty girl! Good luck!
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