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  1. First welcome. Glad you are joining the goat world. Like you when I got back into goats some years ago now I wanted to do the meat breeds. I did not have time to milk and was set up to enjoy them and care for them without all the extra that comes with milking three times a day and freezing and or whatever. So, anyway, I went out and started with 7 goats. I bought percentage goats, and a few non registered. All were Boer, Kiko, or a mix their of. I also had one Boer/Nubian mix. But I am a collector by nature so I just had to have that last known meat goat the Myotonic, or Fainter, I found two. I bred then with my other breeds and over time I realized I had set myself up to be in the market for meat and cheaper pets and that was pretty much it. Most everyone that shows wants a full something or another. Most everyone willing to pay for healthy animals wants a pedigree and a "full" blood something. (Which no matter who you choose, in my breed 10.00 is the most I have paid on registrations so not much. I did pay more in my other breeds and it seemed more complicated.) As time went on I also learned I have goats that figured out to go over the fence and under. I was worming my Boers more often then I was my Boer crosses, Kikos, and Myos. So I did not get more of them. I liked the Kiko but they really had a hard time keeping weight during and after kidding, held onto them the longest as they did become my second most favorite of meat breeds. I also realized I love my Myos and their personality. I also liked their kids more then anything, even the crosses were cuter and just more full of life, IMO. They, to me, were prettier, more unique looking and more colors. I got more then a predicted breeding. Overall I just liked them better and slowly got more. I then cut back on other breeds to make room for more, and then sold everything so I could have more Myos. LOL We are now up to about 60 head. We have also learned to sell most all of our unregistered or found animals and replaced them with more registered and known name genetics. And we are finally at a point we collect things we want from here and there as we know more of what we like in the breed. Anyway, from a person that started in your spot, this was my story short. Recently I wrote the following article on "Why buy a Myotonic" ] I hope you enjoy this site, the people here, and your future goats whatever they are. I love goats milk and soaps, I just let others do that for me and I buy it. LOL However, we do support EVERYTHING GOAT here! If you have questions for me, feel free. Happy Goating and glad you found a wonderful place to ask questions.
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    We started out with 3 registered high % does & a purebred Nubian. All bred by FB buck. Should have started out with FB does but that's hindsight.
    That first year we had 11 kids.
    If you want milk any reasonably correct good looking Nubian will do; if she is bred to FB buck the kids will be 50% registered. ABGA doesnt care what your FB buck breeds; she herself does not need registration as any other registry that doe belongs to ABGA does not recognize but offspsring from any FB buck can be registered.
    And welcome to GoatSpot!