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If any if you read my thread "My New Goat" from a couple of months ago, you know about me jokingly "stealing" my friend Emilie's goat, who was named Myranda at the time. Well that was a few months ago when Millie was a lone goat in need of a friend which is why I was borrowing Myranda from Emilie. Since then I bought another doe and Myranda went back to her rightful owner:). But now I have actually bought Myranda, renamed her Gertrude,( you can thank my sis for that one ) and she is getting along great!

Nose Hair Skin Head Eye

Hair Smile Dog Eyebrow Shoulder

Now I just need a pic of the three of my little herd all together. Shouldn't be too hard, they are pretty close already lol.


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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