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New goat :)

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I bought him from Dave who was in shock when he found out I'd driven up from San Francisco - but I was going on a road trip to anywhere anyways, just had to get out of town :D They've got some beautiful kids up there at Trinity Pack Goats! Anyhow, I re-named him Django (nothing to do with the movie, had this name chosen a long time ago). He's a year old and adjusting to his new home. Putnik is being mean to him, but I expected that. I will have to retire Hodja due to his joint/tendon problems (which I'm very sad about because he is so sweet!).

Anyhow, he handled the trip well and is already a pretty good guy. Happy to have him, and I think he's pretty!


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I was going to say "Thats a pretty boy" then realized who it was LOL hehe. I am so glad he ended up with you and hope he turns out to be a great boy for you. Was sad to see him go but thats what I get for letting my other half pretend to have the time or the will for a packer of her own :) And yes, I was stunned you drove that far. I get the wiggles just driving the 70 miles to my brothers house... and thats to go fishing! Thanks again and keep us posted.
Congratulations! He's a beautiful goat. I can't say I was not interested in him myself, but it was just plain too far and this is not a great time to add a strapping young wether to our mix. Not with Cuzco getting so much older and babies on the way. I'm afraid a goat that age would be too rough for any of them and would end up penned away by himself with no friends. :(
Thanks guys :) He's doing alright and adjusting his tastes to the browse around here. Took him a while to like the fennel plants, along with other vegetation which my goats go nuts for. And he doesn't like peanuts, or my grain (for a treat)! But he likes black oil sunflower seeds and my hay, so it's all good. He's still getting harassed by my two year old wether (and comes running to me!) and we need to do some work on getting him used to my dog (he tried to horn him), but he'll do fine with time :) Here's a pic from a walk today, and of him getting used to me hugging him (something all my boys have to get used to - the other two like it!)


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He does look good. Seems like he'll have great adventures ahead.

And it also seems like he considers his left his 'good side' for photography.
Ha! Or I consider it good for photography :) His other side has no spots ;)
He looks like a really nice packgoat, and considering that he's only a year old and how big he looks next to your older goats I'm guessing he's going to grow into a BIG goat! His horn bases look huge, so he's going to have some really nice "grab-handles" too! :) You didn't say what his breeding is; I'm guessing Alpine X.
He's full Alpine.
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