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@Nidia Damaris Somers has questions about her kids. She is new.

Howdy. I am a new momma. I am slowly growing my farm and added two baby goats. They are 9 days old doeling/buck(Jordan & Kobe) that started milk replacer yesterday. They eat every 4-5 hours, are extremely fun, active, attentive and jovial.
My concerns:
-1 one of them has softer poo, didn't see who left it for me.
What do I do?
-2 they feel a bit on the warmer side.
What is the normal body temp for these precious babies?
Should I find goats milk instead of replacer?
Thank you for your time and attention.

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Soft poo is normal. Scours are not. Changing what you feed them is only going to increase the potential for milk scours. If they are acting normally, eating normally, and are happy soft poo is not a reason to change anything. @toth boer goats is spot on with the rectal temperature.

Clean disease free raw goats milk would the 100% the best choice but again we run into the why fix it if its not broke issue.
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