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Herd list used to go:

Suddenly yesterday, literally overnight, it's changed! Now Nissa is (from what I can tell) the 'queen'. Snow has been demoted to getting shoved around by Nissa, chased off the hay, etc. Snow's kids, who were royalty, are also now being chased off and butted. The others haven't seemed to change.
Nissa has been challenging Snow from day 1 but it didn't seem serious... could she have finally 'won'?

Could be be heat related? I never seem to know when they're in heat (need a buck rag...) but it looks like Nissa's backside is a little pink and swollen.

Is this okay? normal? Can they just switch like that? Neither are injured that I can tell. Snow did have a battle with worms but after de-worming, copasure, and redcell, is good as new.

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Normally an instant switch is cause for concern because:
1-alpha doe sick/injured
2-new doe in heat
3-new doe being possessive of things (house, water, toy, food).

Even bottom does can be bosses of certain things. My one doe Cotton protects her giant rock. And she's essentially bottom. Lol nobody is allowed to step in her rock.
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