New Horse!

Discussion in 'Horses' started by Twisted Vines Farm, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Twisted Vines Farm

    Twisted Vines Farm New Member

    Jun 10, 2011
    This guy came to live with us Saturday :love:

    He is a 7yr old gelding and the lady I bought him from saved him from the auction.

    He is not registered and doesn't have an official name yet, but I was thinking Zen. I would love to hear your suggestions to though!

    Honestly, he's a bit of a brat, so we will have to fix that… but he's cute!

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  2. kccjer

    kccjer New Member

    Jan 27, 2012
    NW Kansas
    He is definitely a stocky little guy, isn't he? Love his color!

  3. ArborGoats

    ArborGoats Well-Known Member

    Jan 24, 2013
    He is cute! Does he have any training?
  4. ariella42

    ariella42 New Member

    May 22, 2014
    Saluda, NC
    He looks like my first horse, Chase! I like the name Zen :)
  5. Little-Bits-N-Pieces

    Little-Bits-N-Pieces Active Member

    Apr 7, 2013
    I love the marking on his head! Looks like a heart with wings! :)
  6. J-TRanch

    J-TRanch J-T.Ranch.Dairy.Goats

    Jan 31, 2014
    Clayton, KS
    OMG! LOVE! I had a appaloosa a few years ago that looked exactly like him!
  7. Twisted Vines Farm

    Twisted Vines Farm New Member

    Jun 10, 2011
    He has had some ground work, and the lady I got him from put a saddle on him and he trailered easily. I don't have a ton of info, so I am still figuring out what he knows.