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These two come from Grasse Acres! Very excited to be adding them to my herd!

The little blue eyed laddie is jet black save a tiny little tuft of white on his head! He is such a frigging sweetheart. He just oozes love! All he wants is to snuggle! If you stop petting him, he noses until he the petting stars again! He is a half bottle kid. His dam got mastitis and stopped producing on one side, so the breeder supplemented them with a bottle. Given that the dam heavy producer, it she thinks it might've not been necessary, but it made sure all three kids got what they needed.

The little girl is such a stunning shade of buckskin! The non patterened areas are almost pure white! And she has a most adorable little smudge on her nose! She is a sweetheart, too, but a little more independent. She wants to be patted, but doesn't roll all over you for attention.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts