New lil bacon bits!

Discussion in 'Pigs' started by Sfgwife, May 13, 2020.

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    Feb 17, 2018
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    Paul’s Spot gifted us ten lil bacon bits late last night. She did great a d so did he! I sat back and watched. :). I grew up with plenty of hogs to help farrow lol! He had go fishing once and i jave not seen him so nervous in a long time. It was cute! One lil lady has a cleft palate that is pretty nad. ;(. So we will need cull her. But everyone else is doin great!

    52C492DB-FF6D-4A07-B9A1-FB979ED6BFB7.jpeg 1C97C72B-32C0-4FCA-B8C9-D2BD8D48D540.jpeg C5069889-E501-453A-81D1-2443644E74E2.jpeg B05C5A45-F3CB-4FF9-9A6A-8196C2951A5C.jpeg 202B7210-C481-4767-AE4F-B4091E79F811.jpeg 120444F3-4D55-450B-B035-270E0F6FB7A6.jpeg CDB8D0F2-4428-4ECD-97FF-CB79DAE1C101.jpeg 3CF9C3F6-FDA0-4B7E-B61F-FA33992C0C67.jpeg 5898230B-99E3-48AA-9729-3695D0F0300F.jpeg
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    Apr 22, 2018
    Oklahoma cute! Look at all the variations she gave you! Wow! They all.look healthy and mom seems good! I hope he got all he wanted from them. Its fun to see someone excited about new life! It can be amazing!
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    PIGGIES! So cute! I'll have to show my little sister, she loves pigs.:)
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    Very cute, congrats!
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    I missed this original - they are so adorable. What a beautiful litter. Are they growing well? Is this her first litter?