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I'm a wife and stay at home mom in central Florida.. I grew up in south Florida in the suburbs but have always yurned for a more rural lifestyle.. I don't have goats yet but plan on getting into kinders.. I've been working a couple of days a week at a goat farm since I previously had no farm experience.. The couple that owns the goat farm have been generous enough to allow me to pick a nubian buck and doe from their herd (just for breeding) and they'll give me a good discount on a doeling from that breeding..

I've chosen a spotted junior buck and a spotted doe that has kidded once before.. Yes, I'm a sucker for the spots.. They both also have very nice qualities that I'd like to have starting my kinder herd.. I only have a little under 2 acres total, the goats will have about an acre and a half of that.. So I will only have a maximum of six does and possibly two bucks.. I am interested in the kinders for their meat, milk, size, and because I think they're absolutely adorable..

Um, I think that's it for now.. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi..


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WELCOME :wave: Yep....cant ya tell we all love our goats!!??? I go back thru posts quite often..just to research and end up spending too long on my rump :ROFL:

Welcome...welcome TGS...we love having you here.... :wave: :thumb:
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