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  1. Hello! My name is Troy and we just purchased 5 boer goats to help control brush and perhaps produce some meat goats to sell. If we like raising goats we will purchase registered stock and breed full blood, but we want to see how things go with the 5 we have and then decide.

    We live North of Houston in New Caney on 22 acres of land. We have 5 horses and 4 dogs running around the yard. We may eventually add a couple head of cattle, but that is long term (Would be sooner is they did not cost so much hehe).

    We have only owned the land for a year and three months, which we spent the first 12 months was spent building our house. We did 95% of the work ourselves. FUN! :GAAH:

    Now we are spending time getting the yard in order.

    Here are a few links of our place
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    Oct 4, 2007
    welcome!!! :wave:

    Your goats are really nice looking.

    That puppy is way to cute! :drool: is is a yellow lab?

    Also welcome to the world of goats :stars:

  3. Yes we have a yellow lab. Of course she weighs over 70 pounds now. HEHE

    We also have two chocolate labs we rescued. Owner was going to take them to the pound. I think not!

    Our new puppy is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

    We have soooooo much to learn. I grew up around goats, but have never owned one myself.
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    South Texas
    Welcome Troy and Family!!! :wave:

    Oh my GOSH - I love the painted Nubian / Boer x (not sure if that is truely what it is - but it is to :drool: over!)

    I love the house and the land. Did you all design it yourself? It looks like you all did a wonderful job!

    Horses are gorgeous! and so are all the dogs and the baby skunk!

    So when I come to TX you going to take me for a ride on the motorcycle - LOL! That looks like a very nice bike and you look very proud of it :) I want a GSXR-750 so badly! But I will probobly kill myself on it (I am very accident prone - LOL!)

    Have a wonderful 4th and have fun with your animals!

    PS - I have the following pets:

    12 goats at the house (+2 that have not arrived yet - and 7 of the goats are pregnant - possibly 8)
    8 Blackbelly sheep (+ 5 lambs all born in June - 2 more are probobly pregnant)
    4 horses (1 is a 2month old colt and 1 is going to her new home this week or next)
    3 dogs (2 sisters that are 1/2 Brazillian Mastiff, 1/4 English Mastiff, and 1/4 Pyrenese and then a pure bred Rott)
    1 barn cat!

    Oh and a partridge in a pear tree - LOL!

    You can check out my website for pics if you want in the signature block!
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    Oct 4, 2007
    :slapfloor: Allison you crack me up :slapfloor:
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    I am definately in a mood today - Watch Out! :ROFL:
  7. Well the building was 60 x 60 with 40 x 60 set on a slab. I did all the interior floor plans and what not. I outsourced the A/C, kitchen cabinets and laying of the carpet. We pretty much worked 7 days a week for a year. We are so glad it is done. I love the theater room and my wife loves the kitchen.

    You can see the yellow lab all grown up here.

    Pictures of my 60 foot $150.00 round pen. ... /RoundPen/

    Oh I forgot we have a duck outside as well. Inside we have three cats, two snakes and two gerbils.

    I would love to give you a ride, but the bike went when we bought the land. Built the house out of pocket and we needed cash, so the extras had to go. I did replace it a couple months ago with a new toy. ... 4/Tractor/

    I am sure I can run a lot of goats on my property, but I think starting out small and growing slow will make for a much easier time. We need to look into getting a working dog to leave out with the goats once we move them into the back pasture. I do have an 8 foot perimeter fence, but you never know of something might dig under. Of course, I think my mule may work pretty good as a watch dog. Hehe

    How many acres do you have?
    You have a great view! We backup to a river, but it is way back.
    5 kids??????? :hair: We have 4
    Real nice website.
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    Peyton CO.
    WELCOME :wave: :wave:
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    South Texas
    Troy -

    Well darn - I was really hoping for a ride - LOL! But, your new toy looks like alot of fun also. My hubby would be so jealous!

    So when are you bringing it to Idaho to build a round pen for me?? :ROFL:

    Thank you for the compliment on the website - I am constantly updating and working on it. I will "finish" it and then start messing with it again! Just never is quite the way that I want it!

    We have 10 foot game fencing for our 2 pens as they used to raise elk on our land. My little "mooners" can sneak under the fencing and "go out to graze" but I have never had a problem with anything getting into the pens. Now I do run my goats, sheep, and horses (including the colt) all in one 4 acre pen. I have the 2 quarter horses in the other 3 acre pen. We have a total of 10 - 15 acres here (we rent for now) and we love it. Now you know how I got the name Sunset Lake Ranch.

    We do have 5 kids but only the 2 oldest (my hubby's) live with us right now. I hope one day mine will - but I am not for certain.

    Well I guess that I better get back to work - aghhh - they expect me to do something for my pay - not sure why!
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    Oct 13, 2007
    Well Howdy :wave: neighbor.
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    Well! How did I manage tro miss this one!!!

    HELLO! FROM GRANBURY, TX!!! :wave: :stars:
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    central PA
    Well, I like the tractor more then the motorcycle, but I love the painted up doe! :love: I guess we've looked you over pretty well now and are happy to say...Welcome to TGS!
  13. I like the trator as well. I used it to put in just under 40 posts and man did it make life easy! :clap:

    My wife should be joining the board soon. She has been busy working. Slacker! We both work at the same company just in different buidlings.

    Forogt to take pictures of the other goats again. Sigh!
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    Oct 4, 2007
    oo more goat people to join us what fun :leap:
  15. Do we have anynone on the board that lives close to me?
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    Oct 4, 2007
    well there are TX people but TX is a big state!
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    Dec 1, 2007
    I live 4 and a half horus from you..... :greengrin:
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    New Caney, TX
    Here I am OLD MAN! (that is a joke between US, I am older than him!)

    Anyway, we have lots of questions as first time goat folks (me anyway). So please be patient and try not to strangle us too soon :wink:

    SO, my FIRST question is where in TARNATION do we find GOAT ONLY mineral blocks? I have found one place that is a distributor for Sweetlix Meat Maker block, but of course, they don't have any on hand right now and have to order them...anyone have any contacts???

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    South Texas
    Welcome!!!! :wave:

    Please ask away! We were all new goat owners at one point also, and had "mentors" to help us out! (Shoot I have had goats for a year, and still ask questions regularly!)

    It is awesome that your hubby is as involved with your goaties as you are! Most of our hubby's "tolerate" our addiction! :ROFL:
  20. About time you post old lady. Geez! :shades:

    I think we found a place that carries the mineral block. Just have to drive a little while. Not too bad though.

    Well we are looking at goats as possible income, so we both want to be involved. We are going to run our pilot and see how things go. If all goes well we will increase our herd. We have a decent amount of land to run the goats on. I know 22 acres is not a ton to some folks, but good enough for us. Especially considering we like in an area where we have lots of forage and little rock. Heck I am going to build a hill our of cement block just so the goats have something to climb on and wear down their hooves.

    One thing I do know is she is the brains and I am the muscle. :GAAH: