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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Roger, I was born onto a pig farm then when I was 3 we sold out and moved and started raising beef cattle. We would buy them around 500-600 pounds and then finish them. Not a big operation only about 20-30 head at a time. I was a 10 year 4-H member, where I showed pigs and dairy beef for 10 years when I was younger I showed pet rabbit for 4 years, and only goats for 3. My first year I had a nubian and had no idea what I was doing but I ended up getting reserve grand champion I was beaten by the first boer goat to ever be shown at our fair. Darn that goat. Then the other two years I didnt do so hot so I got out of it. I have since grown out of 4-H but am still active in the program. I was also an FFA member in high school. Then 2 years ago I finally got a niece that was old enough to show and she had a pig that died after her first open show, but I went out and got her another one for the fair. Then I got her one nubian wether and one boer wether. I have never seen her more happy then when she was out playing with the animals. She is a city kid and my sister doesnt have alot of money for animals so I told my niece's for the first couple years I will buy their animals and feed them and then they will auction them after the fair. All the money they make goes into a bank account for future animals then college/first car. This year both of them will be in 4-H so we have dropped down to just goats because thats what they like the most. Last year I bought a doe with 2 kids a buck and doe. They were shown and we keep the doe and nanny to breed this year and by the looks of things that didnt happen so it looks like I will be buying some more goats. One of my other sisters had some boer goats and decided to sell out and the day we went to take them to market she had one that looked like she was in labor so we left her home and decided I would take her to my house. Well thats been 6 weeks and still no kids. boy how they keep me guessing. I dont know alot about them but it sure has been a fun learning experiance. This forum has helped me so much in the couple days I have been on. I have read so many of the postings and I think my goats are tired of me bugging them checking them for pregnancy, or thinking they had something. But they are fine and maybe 1 is prego but who knows. Thank you for reading my book and I hope to get to know you all alot beter and thanks in advance for any help. Hopefully one day I will be able to help someone else on here with info that I am learning.
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    Welcome to TGS Roger!! Sounds like you've had a lot of fun with all your critters!

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    Bless you for doing all that for your nieces. My brother grew up here in the country but went to college in Chicago and has lived in the city proper for 16 years now. He's very much a city boy, but whenever he comes home...he heads straight for our animals first. They soothe what ails ya. Welcome, I'm a newbie but this place is FULL of information from people who live it and love it.
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    Welcome Roger! :thumb:
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    Welcome Roger!

    Oh yeah, goats will definately keep you guessing! And each day with them is a learning experience!

    Bless you for giving your nieces the opportunity to have what you did , animals are a joy to be around and your nieces are very lucky to have such a generous uncle :hug:
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    Welcome...Roger...from Northern California ..... :wave: so happy you found will love it here.... :greengrin:
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