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Hi all
Found out about your forum from someone in backwoods home mag forum..
I was given 4 papered Nigerian goats this summer two does and two wethers,,, my first goats ever!...they were born in April of last year I believe and came from a Farm in Minot,,
They are truly wonderful..I love having them,,but guess what ,,,? a month later someone gave me 4 more goats...!!!
a beautiful Billy who we know is half Nigerian and half feinting,, I knew the family that these goats came from and had seen the billy as a younger animal.. always thought he was beautiful..
His younger son a beautiful black horned billy and the nanny that gave birth to him she is black and we believe she may be of the same make up as the older billy..
and a younger six month old black and white billy from the black billy and his breeding to his dam..
the younger one we had to put down as he was too aggressive and was charging us and guests.. no curing that.
we found a home for the black billy and he has been nipped and doing nicely and the folks who have him asked for a companion animal for him..
so after his mom gave us two cute and very sweet lil black kids a doe and a buck we waited till they were old enough to do without mom's milk and sent her off to them,, they are all doing fine and she is providing them with really good milk..
so that leaves me with the Beiberdorf Beast aka the older billy ,, his two offspring of his son's get with the dam .. (3) and the four from the first grouping.. the two nannies their four kids and the two wethers plus we went to visit the farm where the Nigerians came from and bought the sister to one of the girls.. and we are hoping to buy two more nannies from the same farm..
things got delayed with our truck needing repairs but we are having a great time..
I got to be there right after the two blacks were born and still wet and then after our 20 inch doe gave birth to her first and then second and two days later for helping the other nanny deliver her larger kids.. she had some trouble but Mom was able to help pull the first kid through for her.. after that i stayed around just incase she needed me again..
My 20 inch provided me with two does and the other gave me a buck and a doe and i am so happy
all are healthy
Nice bags on the girls two.. pretty connected and melon sized..nice and round
pretty good position on the nipples too..
and I thought ducks and geese waddled????
Anyways..Their names are Dookie... The Beiberdorf Beast,, Titters aka Wilma,, Pixie,, Elsie Mae, Spike and Spunky, Jumper and Cisco,, Maxi and Micky,, Pidget and Meewee
We were wanting the country lifestyle and prayed for the good lord to send us the animals he wanted us to have seeing as how we are so rural you'd have to fly a plane overhead to see and know who had what ..
And lo and behold after we moved to the right place.. someone pulled up behind me at the end of the driveway and asked if we would like to have some laying hens,, uh yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! then asked if we'd like to have some goats.. uh Yahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
and it snowballed from there..
Since that we only had horses cats and dogs..
now we have geese 14 grey backs with a few pomeranians thrown in for extra spice and one llama
I've only bought one goat out of all that!!!
and found a great deal on a metal milking stand for 50 bucks to boot???
one of the nannies we are hoping to buy.. gave her owner quints last go round... keep fingers crossed..
Love to hear from yall..

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Wow, you really did get thrown into the role of goatherder! To have registered nigerian does given to you is awesome luck....and the fact that they freshened with nice udders is awesome :wink:

My hubby has family in ND....The area around Fargo I believe.

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Welcome! And I thought I was a newbie with my two goats and two donkeys! Sounds like you jumped right in. This forum has been an invaluable source of information. You'll love it.
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