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Greetings all! :wave::wave:

I have been planning for goats for months while lurking in the background to soak up all the wisdom being shared on this wonderful forum. I wanted to be sure I knew what I was getting myself into before I started! :lol: Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all that I have learned so far. I am now happily addicted to goats!! :love:

I got my first 2 goats about a month ago, so I figured it was time to actually join up and drive you all nuts with the questions I will surely have...oh, who am I kidding, I already have questions... :eek:

A bit of an introduction first, then I'll take my questions to the appropriate sections of the forum.

I am in my 50's, female, married to a wonderful man who spoils me terribly, with 2 grown boys, one who is still at home while continuing his education. We have a 5 acre piece of property that is slowly becoming a hobby farm, located in Western Kentucky.

If you couldn't tell from my user name, we have a bunch of critters sharing our lives. At the moment we have; 2 rats, 2 guinea pigs, 3 ferrets (down from 7, it has been a rough few weeks of losing my ancient fer-butts :angel::angel::angel::angel: :tear:), 3 parakeets, 5 indoor cats, 2 outdoor barn cats, 2 dogs, 1 horse, a constantly changing number of chickens (blasted foxes, beautiful but ruthless :mad:), an unknown number of free range bunny rabbits...and our latest, 2 Kinder does.

Yeppers, it's a Carnival all right!! :laugh:

Oh yeah, since I have read that pictures are a must here on this forum :D, Let me introduce my two girls:

Meet Sammy - She's at least 4 years old, but her actual age is unknown. Was told she is due to kid "in a month or so" but the actual due date is unknown. :rolleyes: I will be hitting the kidding section with some questions very soon!

Collar Working animal Pet supply Goat Fawn

And this is Dusty - Just over a year old. Her old owner had just pulled and sold her 2mth old, twin kids when she was sold to me for milk. She is supposedly bred but :shrug::shrug:. Questions will be forthcoming in the breeding/kidding sections about her, too.

Vertebrate Working animal Mammal Goat Dog breed

Thank you all for allowing me to yammer on. My apologies to any language teachers whose eyeballs are bleeding right now. I will probably give you all fits with my poor grammar and even poorer punctuation. I try, but there are just too many rules. :eek:


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Welcome from nh where it frosted this morning, so everything here will be in heat in the next week! Your sammy certainly looks pregnant. If dusty is pregnant she crtainly bred back quick!! Wait and see if she cycles in the next 3 weeks. If not she is probably bred, goathiker will tell you from a close up of her lady parts.
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