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:hi:Welcome to the forum! What breeds are your girls?

It would be unlikely for Muma Bear to be building an udder without being pregnant. You could get a blood test or an ultrasound if you'd like to be sure.

There is no reason to remove a goats horns, once they have them unless they were posing a danger to you or the other goat. They would need to be removed surgically by a vet and a lot of goats don't do well with anesthesia, so there would be risk involved. It's really not something that would be done unless in extreme circumstances.

I don't have any experience with lice in my goats, but I know that ivermectin blue pour on works well.

As far as the corn goes, they really shouldn't have much corn at all. It's really not good for them. It would be a treat and that's it. It can do more harm than good. Are they getting free choice hay? If your one girl is pregnant she need some sort of source of calcium like alfalfa hay or pellets.
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