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Hi and thank you!
We give the goats alfalfa and Timothy hay.
I'm relieved about the horns because I didn't want to take away something that is part of them so thank you.
Does tractor supply carry that ivermectin or do I order that online?
Thank you again oh and they are Nigerian Dwarf goats.
Yes I believe that is where I got mine. They keep it locked up so you might have to ask an associate to get it for you. My TSC also carries the generic brand as well. Also, if Muma Bear is building an udder she is more than likely pregnant. They start building an udder about a month before kidding. It's been my experience that sometimes a real young doe will only have a single kid which may account for why she isn't showing much. Keep an eye out for discharge from her lady parts. That's a sign you're getting closer too. Good luck. Goats are a lot of fun. And welcome to The Goat Spot. You will find lots of great folks here ready and willing to help. I've only been a member here a couple of months and have learned so much.
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