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    Jan 20, 2021

    I am going to be a new goat mom this spring, and would love some tips on how to raise the kids. I'll be getting a little wether and doeling, both are pygmy fainting crosses. I know they have to eat separate feed from my research so far, but I'm finding it difficult to find information on what exactly to feed them. Ill be feeding both grass hay as I heard alfalfa changes the milks flavour, as well as being unsafe for wethers. Mineral blocks/Powders I've heard are a necessity, and have heard that kelp and baking soda are good too, but I'm not too sure what for. Any and all tips are greatly appreciated! Im very new to everything, so no tip is a bad one. Thanks! :kid3:
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    Jan 5, 2015
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    So much of your information is wrong. You can feed them together, look at the total diet of calcium 2 parts to phosphorous 1 part. Since your little doe should not be bred until she is at least over a year old, a nice pelleted feed, LOOSE minerals (no block) , and a clean hay ( I like alfalfa timothy mix) - and alfalfa is wonderful and many top breeders feed ONLY alfalfa. Pygmys are mainly a meat breed as are myotonics (fainters) so they really aren't the best pic if you are looking for milk production - and not free choice baking soda. Goats make their own bicarbonate, and feeding free choice inhibits their ability to do that when they need it. Keep kids on the same diet as the breeders and slowly switch over to what you are feeding to make any changes. Keep on top of coccidia, wormload, via fecals with your vet. Goats can be difficult to raise, best wishes, and read all you can on these threads. You can also search topics you are interested in.

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    Jan 20, 2021
    Hi! Thanks for the reply. I have read that Alfalfa isn’t necessary for wethers as they don’t need the extra calories, and it could get them fat. This topic seems to be pretty back and forth on the internet, so I’m not exactly sure what to believe at this point! Haha.
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    There is a lot of wrong information on the internet. This site has many knowledgeable and long term goat owners and everyone is kind to each other. (the mean ones are invited to behave or leave).
    As with everything, there are many different opinions as to how to feed and raise goats. First ask the original owners how they feed their goats. Do they look good and healthy? Do they test for CAE and CL? Since they are small goats, they will not need a lot of grain.

    One important thing, most goats do not have a shut off valve when it comes to eating. They can and will eat themselves to death on grain or chicken feed. (never give a goat chicken or pig feed). Hay, they don't seem to consume like grain. (they will waste a lot of hay!).

    Goats are great, but they do have nutritional needs. Ask lots of questions, read as much as you can and ultimately , only you can decide what is best for your goats based on your area, etc.
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    Welcome! I am in Canada too!
    I know what it is like to read conflicting information about goat care. Before I got my goats I read 3 books, and according to one, we couldn’t ever have goats, because it said that oak leaves were poisonous to goats, and we have lots of oak. o_O
    Luckily I realized that wasn’t true!
    So, I think it is great you are here asking questions before getting your goats! (thumbup)
    I have 2 does in milk, a buck and a wether.
    I feed the boys mostly grass hay and some alfalfa, and the girls both grass and alfalfa hay. Alfalfa is great for milkers, as they need a lot of calcium and protein.
    I give grain to the ones “working”, which can be growing (up to 6 months old), making milk, being in rut (buck), or if I want more fat on them (when one seems thin).
    My wether gets a small handful of sunflower seeds (BOSS) when the others get their grain, and he is in perfect condition.
    As for minerals, there are different ones out there, but Canada doesn’t have the same ones as the US. I found a good loose cattle mineral, it gets mixed with salt. Additional salt blocks are good too, but the loose mineral is most important.
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    Jan 20, 2021
    Thank you! very helpful info here. Im also from MB!
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    Apr 22, 2018
    Hi. Im in Oklahoma..and I raise myotonics..+ boers..+ kiko x boers . myotonics I feed bucks & does the same thing. They are meat goats so the grow slower than other breeds. But they do produce milk too...just a dairy. I feed my kidds under 1 year in a creep feeder. I put 1/2 cup per head of feed. I use Purina goat grower. They get unlimited hay. Just pasture blend. I do give alfalfa/timothy hay pellets in winter only. I add this to their grain. As adult 1yr olds..I give them 1/2 cup Showgoat grain. Twice a day. Still have free range hay and pasture. My bucks I give the small end of the dispence cup of Ammonium Chloride about once every 2 weeks or so.
    I have loose minerals at all times for them. They have a goat house. Areas to get out of the wind. And clean water. I have Lgds that protect them.
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    No way! Double welcome! :squish:Whereabouts?
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    Jan 20, 2021
    Winnipeg area, and thanks for the welcome! haha
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    So cool! That’s a first since I’m here. :)