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New pack goat owner

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Hello everyone, I want it introduce myself as a new member on the forum.
I am an avid hunter with my dad and brother in Northern Utah. We hunt some real nasty canyons and have debated for years on what kind of pack animals to get to help us hunt harder and smarter. A few weeks ago we found some goats and equipment for sale on the local classifieds and decided goats were the animals of choice for us. We are really excited to have them and work with them.
I have 3 Saanen and 1 Oberhasli.

I am open to any and all suggestions any of you would like to offer a newbie.

My first question would be, what is the best way to acclimate our goats to their new environment and to me and my family?
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I don't know what kind of animal experience you have but to throw out something simple, just spend time with them. Goats love their connection with their owners and the more time spent doing things with them the more they will bond to you. Also be consistent and fair with how you treat them. They will love going out on adventures with your family no matter how short it might be. Also the occasional apple slice doesn't hurt!
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