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Christy's remaining kid, Little Guy, has learned how to climb on the big wooden spools we have for the
goats to play on. We named him Little Guy because he's been the biggest of the three kids (all boys!)
that Christy had. A friend bought the other 2 kids for pets. At just under 12 weeks old he weighs well
over 50 pounds- perhaps "Moose" would have been a better name.

We advertised Little Guy for sale in the local paper, but received no serious interest. Rather than sell him
for food, we're thinking about training him as a pack goat. We might keep him ourselves, but more likely
we would sell him, having a skill would make him much more desirable. We bought Christy and Wind, our
first two goats, from a pack goat service in Escalante, Utah, called Escape Goats.

Guy is about 9 weeks old in this picture. Thats my leg and foot in the picture. I stand 5'5" and
wear an 8 1/2 shoe that might help you imagine how big he is now at 12 weeks.


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oh he is so handsome. Don't those singles just grow so fast!!!!

Storm (aka - Teddy Bear) is already bigger then everyone else and he was born last and almost 3 weeks after everyone else!!!!!!!
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