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Well, we are up to 9 babies now and are half way through kidding. This morning I found two little wet boys when I went out. Here is a list of what we have gotten:
2/14 Princess: doe boy
2/14 Tina: doe doe
2/21 Vicky: buck, doe
2/25 Mama: doe
2/29 Willis: boy boy
We still have yet to kid:
Lily due 3/16
Two pygora does due 3/18
Lucy due 4/5
Sara due 6/16 and
Pixel due 6/17

Here are some picts:
boys born tins am:

First boy:

Second boy:

Mondays Doe:

The dairy kids born 2/14:

And the Lamanchas born 2/21, terrible pict, but they won't get away from me! (bottle babies)

I should really start thinking of some names!

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My doe that just had those boys is named Willis, how odd, similar name. :)
three weeks hu, I think she snuck out on you! (bred the cycle before youthought as the timing fits!) darn goats.
I have a doe that was in heat a few days ago and a big buck across the fence, oops, wasn't going to breed her, but will be watching for through the fence kids in 5 months just in case.
How are your babies?
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