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Hey everybody!

Well today my Momma ordered me a metal stanchion with adjustable head stand from Hamby Dairy Supply, it's for my 16th birthday early. I'm also drawing out plans for a new barn, it's a 10 by 19.5 with a kidding stall and lots of south facing windows.

I'll be building in the summer so I can be finished by this fall. ;3

Anyways, the stanchion should be here in 3 days so I'll post pics then

-Sara, Thomas, Indy, Holly, Aspen and Clover

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That is wonderful.

We decided that we were NOT going to build a barn this year. We have either built a now one or added on to the one we have for 5 summers in a row.
OK, Now my DH decided that we ARE going to add on to the Buck barn so they all can be in one barn, so we have to make it quite a bit larger. (I kind of wanted ONE summer off of building, but if I want the three buck, I guess i have to do it).
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