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Welcome to TGS!!! The burping sound is normal. Sounds like you have a good handle on things. She may shiver until she gets used to her suroundings and she may be chilled because she is kept in at night with a heat lamp....her body may not be used to the temp change. I would make sure she gets loose minerals and baking soda free choice. I noticed you said that you were feeding medicated feed...DO NOT let your horse get into this as the rumisen and decox(sp) are poisonous to horses. Normal temp range for goats is 101.5-103.5 degrees F. Teeth grinding is a sign of discomfort and pain...I have noticed my kids doing the same thing when I hold them....after they got used to being held, they quit doing that.

Hope this helps and I am sure I forgot something but I think I covered the basics.
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