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Keeping her in the garage where she started out is better for her....away from the heat lamp. She's comfortable there and feels"at home". Depending on the type of grain you feed your horse ( if it is a 16% sweet feed) you can gradually switch her over so you won't need to worry about the horse or dog (i have a sneaky pup too!) getting the medicated stuff. Keep moving her crate further away from the lamp each nite and when you find her a buddy she'll be ready to live in her own house. She sure is cute with her airplane ears and her name suits her color!

Also, you can use the same type of wormer you use for your safeguard, ivercare, ivomectin. Weigh her( best to pick her up and stand on a scale) then triple it for the dose you would need to give her, check her feet too, I know my kids at 6 weeks old have some overgrowth that I trim off before they leave at 8 weeks. Easy enough to do too, if a pair of shrub pruners feel too big for her size the heavy type of kitchen shears work great!
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