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Maple is an adorable baby for sure! What a little doll! It sounds like you are doing a good job with her! A friend will be great for her, and it might even make her more confident with people, especially if the new one is friendly already. I would probably switch her off medicated feed if possible, because as stated before, it might be bad for your horse, and I personally don't like constantly giving them meds when they don't need them. You could switch her onto a sweet feed or other grain (just do it slowly), but if you're happy with the setup now, then stick with it. Also be careful she doesn't get to the chicken feed, as that can make them pretty sick. Hay is what you want to give the most of, though. And since she is still young you could try a bottle, and if she doesn't take it you can also try offering some warm whole milk in a small dish. Sometimes they'll slurp it up that way. Also offering loose goat minerals and baking soda out is a good idea, so she can take them when she needs them. Shavings or straw will be good bedding and the doghouse is a good idea, along with the shed. More pictures are always appreciated lol :wink:
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