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Well first, Welcome to The Goat Spot! I'll let those more experienced then I give the advice on dosing, etc. These folks are awesome when it comes to care and management! My advice is to go through some of the older will find a wealth of information.

As to the weather...I'm pretty sure she'll be long as she has shelter from the wind and rain (goats HATE to be rained on). Are you aware that your little goat needs a little goat buddy? They are herd animals and she will not be happy without at least one or two little friends. But, since goats are "habit forming" I imagine you'll be looking for more soon anyway. The "friend" can be male if it's a "wether" (that's a neutered male goat). I'm guessing the "shivering" is fear from being alone. I'd see if she would take a bottle...probably won't but she might if she was weaned too early.

When I got my first little doelings, they were a little wild too. I made it a point to take my lunch out with them in their little paddock. Since a goat is naturally curious, I would sit quietly and they would start "checking me out", now they come running when they see me, even though they are big girls now.

If no one has told you yet, we LOVE pictures. It took me awhile to learn to post pics, but that is because I'm "computer challenged", I had to wait for my son to come over an show me how! LOL

Good luck! Di
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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