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New to goats

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I am starting a 18 acre homestead and after some research have decided that I would like to raise goats for both meat and dairy for my family to start and then maybe a small scale. I have a couple of questions first if I breed good quality Nubian does to a good quality boer buck would I be a ble to grow my milking herd with the female kids and second does it matter between 1x1 and 2x2 teats. I look forward to any advice.
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The Nubian/Boer cross is a nice cross for meat a herd..and you have 50/50 chance at the milking...if moms are top notch milkers then offsprings will have a better chance as being a good milker as wil learn who to cull and keep as time goes for matters in the diary want 1x1...a spur teat that does not get in the way of milking is ok for a family milker but frowned upon otherwise
Look for a buck who has 1x1 and see his mom also has the 1x1 teats as well..then you wont have to worry about that gene being a play n your breeding progran
best wishes!!
I agree... The boer side of this cross would be the most important for looking for 1x1. Boers for whatever reason have a higher chance of getting multiple teats (more than 2 total). I have seen a boer doe in person that had 6 teats total! :eek: :) All the does that I've had 2x2 teats on milked through every teat, so also look for milk ducts (orfice). :D
Since Boer are a meat breed you are not going to find those great teats & udders with long lactation.
I have a couple 50% Boer/Nubs who have been milked. One has great teats & the other has a small orifice on one side.
The Boers have small teats with orifices that point every which way except straight down into the bucket.:rolleyes:
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