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New to kidding season

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Ok guys since I have never been let down by your tips in the past, I have another question...Since I am new to kidding, I was looking for tips and ideas of what I should get gathered around to prepare. Medical supplies, etc...I brought small toolbox on wheels I brought home from work that I would like to keep with the vet supplies for such occasions. Any advice is appreciated.

I am also curious about "prepping". I know the mom should have access to selenium, and the kidding pen should be warm, clean and dry. Any other advice?

I think I am pretty much ready except for the medicine tips, and some experienced advice would be great. Thanks, Holly
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Hi Holly,
If you head to the Beginner's Goat Raising section, a "sticky thread" there is titled "winter kiddings--what do you need?". This should have all the information you need. :)
I looked on there but I thought I've heard of other things to have. Cpmk? B complex? My names may be off here. I apologize. Like I said I am new. ;). Any pointers to get through the first kidding season? We have 7 possibly 8 bred does to start kidding in February/march. Im excited but nervous at the same time. I pray all goes well.
Aside from heat lamps, ob gloves, lube, head snare, lamb puller, and lots of towels - the only thing I keep on hand is 50% dextrose and several weak kid syringes. The 50% dextrose is mixed 50/50 with very warm water and provides 'brain food' for very cold kids that have lost the instinct to suck. It is tubed, the kid is warmed up, then re-united with Mom and helped to find the teat.
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