New to site, and I get my goats tommorrow (Nigerian Dwarves)

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    happy people all around! thats just great :greengrin:
  2. I wanted to add, and you can check out my site, I have two does that are between the ages of 8-9 and one just gave me a wonderful lil girl, Le-La and the other gave me a very healthy and loving girl last 9/11. I guess my point is, these two goats seem VERY well taken care of and though I would ask for a better pic of the older doe, I see no reason why you can not bring her home. She if nothing else needs a good home and if you get one breeding out of her you have replaced her for when it is time for her to move on. I personally have seen quite a few goats get will past 10-13 years of age and they are not happy without kids. So if you ask me, after seeing my older does kid and knowing the family ties in goats, you would be fine bringing an older doe home and breeding her a few more times before you retired her.

    As for the buck, to me it is better to just get something you like. For one, it costs to do A.I.s and there is never a guarantee unless you implant, which is more money. Not knowing what my goats might catch or what may happen to them, I have a hard time trying to make reasons why my goat would leave to be bred. I know very few goats I would would do this with and very few breeders I would chance it with as well. If you want to breed, it is my opinion that you do just that, get a buck and breed. If need be you can always sell your back when you decide to stop and in the long run it may not cost you near as much. These of course are just my thoughts.

    Thanks for listening hope I helped someone,

  3. Well, I just realized there was more to the topic then I had seen. Sorry. Page two was not noticed till after the fact. :roll:

    I am very happy to hear that the girls made it home. I have a few does that are "lop sided" at this time. They both only had one kid on them and that is the reason and possible reason for your situation as well. It at least would be a very good contributing factor if that doe is still nursing. When I pulled one of the kids I did not see a difference till about a week. I then realized she had bagged up quite a bit more on one side then the other. She since has dried out fine but this is why I would much rather have twins then singles but that is not up to me. I have another that her kid only drinks from one side so her other side really has nearly dried up already and the one side is the one producing. It is inconvenient to me but the way of the world I guess. In meat goats, the breed I have, they do not bag up a lot anyway so when no one is hitting the other side or doing it very little milk slows WAY down and all together at times.
    Congrats again on your two new babies. :clap:

    PoppyPatch, I am so proud of you. :leap: :stars: :clap: :hug: :wahoo: You did as I would have. If nothing else she now has a good home. As for the memory part, the longer I have goats the more I realize they are just that more amazing. The brains, family ties, and so one amaze me more every day. I again am glad you have her. I never have a problem against older goats. I took my Chickory knowing she had breaked from kidding for two years. Never took for several bucks. Got here, and not even 7 months later we had Le-La. The doe never gave a doe ever in her breeding history either. At times, I think God just knows best how to reward us for these good deeds. HEHE :thumbup: :love:

    Well, again congrats to all! :clap: :dance: :hi5: