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    Hi, my name is Patti and I have two kids (16 yr old son and 15 yr old daughter) that have dragged me into the world of goats. My kids have shown goats in our 4H for 2 years (going on three:)). They first got started helping a friend/4H leader in Detroit showing her boers at the State Fair.

    The following year, both kids were in the Market Class and showmanship with boer crosses. My son's 1st wether (Blake) was a boer/Nubian wether. He took Reserve Grand with him. My daughter was not so lucky with her wether, Tank. He was a very pretty fawn colored goat but had some problems as he was one of 4. Fortunately, the goats were all kept at a friend's house so I didn't get attached to these fellows.

    Our goats this year were 2 boer wethers, Fat Tony and Sammy the Sammich . These were my son's goats. At first, they were a bit frightened of us but I made my son sit calmly in the pen with food talking gently to them. Next thing you know, these boys followed us like puppies. Sadly, Sammy the Sammich took Reserve Grand Champion at the County Fair and was sold. My son then took Fat Tony to the State Fair in Detroit and Fat Tony was the Grand Champion in the Heavyweights, but took Reserve Grand Champion overall. Fat Tony was also auctioned off. I was amazed at how loving these boys turned out though. You could always see Girl Cutie (a buff orpington) hanging out of Sammy's back with Fat Tony gently kissing her or if my daughter was in the pen and had a tank top on, he loved to sneak up from behind and grab her tank & bra straps and snap them. We will never forgot our Sammy or Fat Tony, and the only thing that makes us feel better about the fact they were auctioned is that they were processed and used to help feed the homeless people in Detroit.

    My daughter's goats are Nubians. She had a market wether, Grumpy, that she was dearly in love with. Grumpy was unable to go to the county fair, as he was recovering from ring worm. He now lives on a farm as a friend to an orphan calf. She has 2 Nubian does, Daisy (who is really mine) and Snowy. Daisy and Snowy actually surprised us and everyone else and took Grand Champions, Reserve Grand Champions, Best of Breed, Best Jr Doe Kids, etc at the County fair and the State Fair. We also entered the girls in the ADGA Sanctioned Show, and Daisy did very well, receiving the 2009 ADGA Champion Nubian. We are very proud of our 2 legged and 4 legged kids.

    We did have both the girls bred this past October, and are very excited for the prospect of March babies. We have bred Snowy with Lakeshore Ace Roulette and Daisy with Quarter Mile Mavrick. We are very excited, yet a bit nervous, as this will be our first "official" kidding season. The kids have helped out our friend in the past, so they do have some knowledge. We do have a standby emergency vet in case things don't go as "planned".

    I am very excited to learn more about my girls, and goats in general. If anyone "knows" the expectant mothers' mates and their offsprings, I would love to see pictures.
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    welcome...Patti the wonderful world of goats..... :wave: sounds like.. you are doing great on the show ring ...that is super..... :thumbup: :greengrin:

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    If you go to the ADGA website you may be able to search the herdname of the Sires to your does impending may be able to come up with pedigree's too, if they are registered with ADGA.
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    Both girls are registered and the bucks we bred to were as well. The girls have a lot of Kastdemur's, Lakeshore and Goldthwaite in their pedigrees. The bucks also have the similar ancestors. The one buck is Lakeshore Ace Roulette and the other Quarter Mile Mavrick. I don't really understand how to read the pedigrees or what the inbreeding percentage means. On Daisy's, it states she is .54% inbred and then lists out names such as "Hallcienda Frosty Marvin, Amberwood's Frosty Chancellor, etc. The buck she was bred to says 2.17% and also has "Hallcienda Frosty Marvin" along with other names that then has a percentage of inbreeding. Snow's is .94% inbred, and she also has "Hallcienda Frosty Marvin". The buck she was bred with is 14.07% and he also has "Hallcienda Frosty Marvin" listed. How do you read these? Also what is an "ETA"?

    Thanks for any help/insight. We are just trying to learn, and we want to make sure we improve on our "herd".
  5. Well WELCOME! I am so glad you found us. Please enjoy the stories and share alike. Isn't the world of goats FUN! :wave:
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    Welcome Just remember you can teach as much as you can learn.