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Newb here and future nubian goat owner

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Hi there Connie here. I am a 38 year old mom and wife. Married for 12years to George who is currently in the midst of medically retiring from the Army after 16+ years in service . We have three children, Taylor 12, Sebastian 10 and Samantha 8. Right now we have three dogs a pug puppy named Beanie , a basset (ish) hound named Coppper and a mini dachshund named Scooby.
After retiring later this year we will settle in south eastern Kentucky on a few acres. To be more self sufficient we deceided to get some livestock then. Mainly some chickens,ducks, geese,turkey and goats of course. We deceided on two nubian doelings, because they give plenty of high butterfat milk and surplus wethers are large enough to be used for meat(sorry). I just reserved them from two diff breeders in Ky. We get the best we can afford and go with registered goats from some good blood lines.
Few more things, while i am new to goats i am not new to livestock, i grew up on a thirty acre ranch in germany where we had poultry , cows and pigs.
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welcome to the goat spot from new hampshire. i too was brought up on a farm, and now we have goats. we started with a doe and her doelings, now we have 20+ goats. they are alot of fun for us and the children are learning alot. i can rest easy knowing that they can grow their own food if needed.
Welcome to TGS Connie, pull up a chair & enjoy, glad you are with us.
Welcome, glad you are here :)
Thanks guys. Cant wait to get them . in the Army its all hurry up and wait. But the Narsum will be done on friday.
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